Matt Needy
Matt Needy's Fundraiser

I'm Going Over The Edge for a Great Cause!

Please join me and other community leaders in helping to stamp out poverty in Hampton Roads.

$2,941 towards $3,000

Making changes in our communities ONLY happens when we as individuals choose to make a difference and take the necessary actions to bring about the desired change. In Hampton Roads, we have roughly 10% of our families living below the poverty line. If we all work together, we CAN make a difference -- but it will require each of us to proactively do our part and give of both our time and our resources. THE GOAL: To move 10% of households living in poverty and the working poor out of poverty by 2023. You can start helping TODAY by joining me in supporting the United Way OVER THE EDGE / TOSS THE BOSS initiative. I want to personally thank you in advance for your personal commitment / donation. Together, we absolutely CAN and WILL make a difference in our community!